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Committed to a Healthier World

As a leading global life sciences and healthcare company focused on improving health and improving lives, we take our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibility seriously. Every year, our cross-functional team collates our data and initiatives into a formal responsibility report.

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Our Responsibilities

Our Company

The cornerstone of our governance philosophy is our highly qualified Board of Directors, who balance their skills, experiences, diversity and expertise to provide strong and broad oversight.

Our People

Every person at Labcorp has a critical role in delivering on our mission. Together, we drive healthcare forward while cultivating a healthy, productive and respectful work environment.

    Our Operations

    Human health and environmental health are interconnected—we strive to do our part to improve the planet’s health while we improve healthcare and the health of our patients.

      Our Community

      We are proud to serve individuals beyond the scope of a healthcare setting, and our ability to leverage our operations for good in our communities remains a top focus.

        Our Metrics

        3M+ global patient encounters/week
        60% of all global management are women
        130+ new tests launched
        100+ countries served globally

        Our ESG committee impacts company-wide strategic initiatives and decision-making.  

        Our cross-functional, executive-level committee tracks dozens of ESG initiatives and metrics across the company, providing strategic recommendations for enterprise efforts to leadership. We challenge ourselves to improve targets and goals every year.

        Learn more about Labcorp’s corporate governance.

        We use standardized data frameworks to benchmark and then challenge ourselves. 

        We report annual KPIs into the EcoVadis and CDP frameworks, and we’ve aligned our ESG principles and criteria to industry metric standards, such as:

        Every year, we set new targets based on these benchmarks.