How to read your Labcorp laboratory bill

Example Patient Bill


  1. Invoice Number This number should be used when inquiring on a patient bill.
  2. Amount Due This is the amount the patient owes for this bill.
  3. Ordering Provider This area identifies the health care provider who requested the tests being billed.
  4. Insurance Information This area shows the insurance filed or managed care company that was billed for these services.
  5. Message Center This area provides information about the origin of the bill and methods of payment.
  6. Activity This area lists the date of service, tests that were performed and charges, as well as adjustments and payments that have been recorded.
  7. Payment Stub This stub should be returned with the patient’s payment.


The back of the patient invoice includes two areas for gathering information that the patient may need to convey to Labcorp’s Billing Department.

The top section can be used to submit or update the patient’s personal information.  This information can also be submitted or updated by calling 800-845-6167, by sending a fax to 866-227-2939, or by logging on to Labcorp will use this information to file a claim with the insurance company.