Developing drugs and life-changing treatments starts here, with you.

Before any new or improved drugs or treatments can be widely used, they must go through phases of testing to determine efficacy and ensure safety.

At Labcorp, we rely on the participation of people like you to make this happen.

Decentralized trials

Trials For Healthy Volunteers

If you are a healthy adult (aged 18 or above), you can apply to be considered for paid participation in Phase 1 clinical trial studies. Phase 1 studies are currently taking place at our clinical research units in:

Trials For Patients & Loved Ones

If you’re living with a disease or supporting someone living with a disease, visit to 

  • Determine whether a clinical trial is right for you or a loved one
  • Locate studies, using the "Find a Study Tool"
  • Join a patient community to stay up-to-date on new studies 

Are you a sponsor, looking to design or manage a clinical trial? 

Visit our clinical development section to learn more about our clinical trial tools and services. 

Are you a provider, looking to become an investigator or launch a clinical trial site? 

Visit our investigator section to explore becoming a site investigator.