Why partner with Labcorp?

We have a strong track record of successful partnerships and longstanding relationships with leading hospitals, health systems and physician organizations. Leverage our more than five decades of specialized expertise to help:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Improve value-based contract performance
  • Increase quality of care and patient satisfaction 
  • Enhance overall care access and delivery

More than diagnostic testing for hospitals and physician organizations.

We integrate diagnostic innovation, data solutions, clinical trial access and a national infrastructure that supports more than 160 million patient encounters each year.

Partnering Through a Pandemic

Dr. Brian Caveney, Chief Medical Officer and President of Labcorp Diagnostics, chats with Dr. Carlos
Cordon-Cardo, Chair of the Department of Pathology at Mount Sinai. Together, they reflect on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and how Mount Sinai’s partnership with Labcorp made it possible to deliver crucial healthcare services during the pandemic’s early days.

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