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Health Equity

We're committed to improving access for all. 

By fostering healthcare access for everyone, including at-risk and underserved populations, we can help to cultivate healthier, thriving communities. 

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We're meeting patients where they are . . . 

. . . by reducing financial barriers

From affordable medication to adequate treatments, many underserved populations face financial challenges when seeking healthcare.

How we're helping 

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. . . by making healthcare access local

Care isn't always located within an acceptable distance for patients.

How we're helping 

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. . . by helping everyone navigate their personal health journey

Whether patients are seeking maternal care or routine health services, every health journey is unique, personal and deserving of individualized care and attention.

How we're helping 

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. . . by enabling healthcare organizations to better reach underserved communities 

Healthcare professionals and organizations often find it difficult to adequately identify and engage populations at risk. 

How we're helping 

  • Reporting tools: Many of our reporting tools for healthcare professionals, including Diagnostic Assistant and Insight Analytics, provide ways to filter by population health or socioeconomic data
  • Quality of care strategies: From patient engagement initiatives to programs that help close care gaps for chronic conditions, we use a variety of approaches to identify at-risk populations and support patients' treatment plans
341 grants

We're committed to investing in healthier communities

Since its founding in 2020, The Labcorp Charitable Foundation has given out more than 341 grants to promote greater access to healthcare and education.

Stories of Impact

We're making a difference one life at a time