Moving with urgency takes determination, ingenuity and passion. It also takes innovating where it matters most. The decision to invest more than $700 million in the past five years in Early Development all started with listening to you. These initiatives have spanned the entire globe with a mission to expand capacity, enhance technology and produce new ways of working to ensure you have the insight, speed and flexibility you need to advance your development programs and pursue answers to life-changing breakthroughs.

At Labcorp, the investments we make are shaped by the feedback we receive from our customers. We know we’re only successful as a company when our customers are successful. By listening to your needs, we’re able to deliver greater outcomes for your studies. 

The reality is we can never stop innovating, growing and changing. Helping you take your novel ideas as far as they can go requires continuous innovation to provide you with the capacity and science you need. This is only possible by constantly striving to understand your current needs and anticipating your future desires as you continue to pursue new medicines, medical devices, chemical products and crop protection solutions.

You told us the Asia Pacific region is rapidly growing, and you need a way to bring new, advanced products into that region. So we doubled the size of our Shanghai facility and equipped it with cutting-edge capabilities.

You told us the future of drug development will be dependent on cell and gene therapies, oncology and inhalation. You also told us that groundbreaking research science and in vitro models are making this future a reality. It’s the reason why we’ve been funding the latest technologies and expanding capabilities around the globe in each of these areas.

You told us that you need a research partner dedicated to providing services to the crop protection and chemical industry in the U.S. Therefore, we expanded our capabilities at our Greenfield, Indiana facility and staffed it with specialists well-versed in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

You also told us that you simply need to move faster. So we initiated efforts to digitize our back office, our pathology services and your submission data. We also started tapping into new talent pools around the world through a remote workforce model. Now, these programs are fast facilitating a frictionless relationship experience.

Innovation happens around the world every day. As our customers—from top-10 pharmaceutical companies down to the newest emerging biotechs—continue to make advances in various areas of healthcare, we’re proud to support them with smart investments that make a difference.

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