About Labcorp

We are a global life sciences and healthcare company harnessing science for human good. Every day, our mission is to improve health and improve lives.

Our scientists, medical researchers, doctors and healthcare professionals advance science, technology and innovations to make real, meaningful differences in patients’ lives. Using world-class diagnostics to improve patient care and accelerating drug development, we’re always rethinking ways to make healthcare more accessible.

We partner with and provide services to anyone, in any community, affected by healthcare. This includes managed care organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients and consumers, contract research organizations and independent clinical laboratories.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings was founded in 1969 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol LH. Labcorp headquarters are located in Burlington, North Carolina.

A global life sciences and healthcare company advancing diagnostics and drug development.

World-Class Diagnostics

Through our comprehensive global clinical laboratory network, we perform more than 3 million tests per week. Those test results help researchers, medical professionals and patients make important health decisions, provide insights that help identify biological data and patterns, and identify individuals who might benefit from enrolling in specific drug trials.

A Global Leader in Drug Development

We run clinical trials in nearly 100 countries and generate more safety and efficacy data to support drug approvals than any other company. With the largest set of clinical data in the world, we can provide the answers that move clinical trials forward, faster. And our commitment to promoting clinical trial participation with patients of all backgrounds means we’re constantly broadening access to information, choices and scientific advancements to our global population.

Corporate Fact Sheet

Who is Labcorp? We are a leading global life sciences company that advances patient health and powers clear, confident decisions through its diagnostics and drug development offerings. 

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