Labcorp Patient™ portal allows you to view, download and print your Labcorp test results, and provides tools to pay your bill online and schedule appointments.

Note: available to US residents only

Results FAQ

  • How soon can I expect to receive my lab test results?

    Depending on the complexity of the tests, it could take several days to complete the tests. You should contact your doctor's office if you have any question about the availability of test results, or you can continue to check your Labcorp Patient™ portal account, as results are posted based on a fixed schedule as indicated above.

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  • My lab results have not been posted and more than two weeks have passed. What should I do?

    In most cases, lab test results delivery times should not exceed two weeks. The most common reason for delay in receiving results is inaccurate or out-of-date personal information on record with your health care providers or in your Labcorp Patient™​ portal personal profile.

    Please check and confirm the following:

    • Your Labcorp Patient portal personal profile information is up to date, complete, and accurate.
    • The personal information on record with all of your health care providers matches the personal information in your Labcorp Patient portal profile. Health care providers include your primary care physician, specialists, hospital professionals, and all Labcorp specimen collection labs.
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