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Physical Activity Helps Employees Manage and Even Reduce Risk of Diabetes

As you’ve probably heard, many chronic diseases can be managed or outright prevented with physical activity. When it comes to diabetes, enabling employees to become more active through regular activity delivers a host of benefits.

Why Health Coaching Belongs in Diabetes Prevention

At Labcorp, we believe chronic diseases like diabetes can be prevented by efficient and comprehensive health coaching.

One shot for a healthier workforce

Due to increased precautions taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic—wearing masks, social distancing, hand sanitation and cleanliness—the annual flu has been relatively silent since the 2020 season.

What Are Your Answers For A Healthy And Resilient Workforce?

As health and wellness manager at Labcorp, Kim Beck believes small changes—like helping improve the health of just one employee—can make big impacts down the line.

Employee Well-being in Action: Johns Hopkins Medicine

At Labcorp, we build and foster relationships with partners in the healthcare industry. Labcorp Employer Services (LES) goes a step further to both enable better employee health and enhance employee experiences within those partnerships.

Building a Culture of Health: Johns Hopkins Medicine in partnership with Labcorp

Labcorp is on a mission to improve health and improve lives. In fact, each year we engage in over 10 million patient interactions, especially those in the workforce. At Labcorp Employer Services (LES), we are proud to partner with our clients and their employees in support of their well-being and safety initiatives.

Flexible Screening Options Can Accommodate Every Employee

More than one third of adults in the U.S. have metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chances are, many of your employees have it and don’t know. Compounding this risk, one in five adults put off their healthcare during the pandemic. Biometric screenings are a great way to reach these individuals before their conditions become costly.

Help employees take control of their health

Throughout the pandemic, wearing real pants and getting haircuts weren't the only things we put off. Basic health appointments and yearly exams got rescheduled, and even our routine care that catches things as serious as cancer got put on hold. Biometric screenings can help employees get back on track with their health.

Health education drives lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are what we strive for as a wellness provider. Our mission is to improve health and improve lives—and that means sustainable behavior changes that improve all aspects of an employee’s life.

3 common myths about flu shots for employees

Flu shots for employees go a long way towards preventing sick days and maintaining workplace morale. Misconceptions about flu shots are almost as common as the flu itself—so don’t let these myths get in the way. Since the flu season is long and flu vaccines reduce the risk of contracting it, it’s important to know the facts and take positive steps towards prevention.

COVID-19 screening and testing services

We are dedicated to helping organizations return to work and school safely and confidently. We provide a comprehensive range of return to work services, including  trained and medical staff for employee check-in health questionnaires, temperature screens and COVID-19 test collection at the employer site, off-site or at home. These COVID-19 service options can be tailored to fit your organizational, population health and risk management strategies.

5 advantages to planning your employee flu clinic now

Every fall and winter, we hear a lot about the flu. The flu, short for “influenza,” is a disease that can result in missed time from work, hospitalization and sometimes even death. As we turn into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the health and safety of our hybrid workforces is more important than ever. So as we head into the flu season, it's crucial everyone gets vaccinated to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the flu.

Flu activity is blooming this spring

According to the CDC, flu season typically peaks between December and January, but this year, there have been reports of increasing flu activity through April. Read more about this unusual uptick and how Labcorp can help organizations keep their employees happy and healthy all season long.

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Enhancing the gaps in care program experience with patient-centered design

Multiple agencies and organizations measure patient experience as a part of annual reporting and incentive opportunities (i.e., STARS, HCAHPS, NCQA, HEDIS®). When planning gaps in care programs, health plans and clinicians alike may use patient experience as a tool toward more effective interaction, communication and strategy in order to positively impact patients and ultimately, population health outcomes.

Engaging patients to close care gaps

As payers and providers focus on improving patient quality and population health as well as reducing costs, patient engagement is a critical piece of the puzzle and one of the most important facets of Triple Aim. But it’s not easy. Millions of patients miss out on essential tests and preventive screenings for a wide variety of reasons.

Three key steps for effectively addressing gaps in care

Labcorp’s three-step approach helps payers and providers support early screening for patients identified with care gaps, so they can more effectively close care gaps, increase their quality measures performance and improve patient outcomes.