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Poster  -  20 February 2024

Correlation of Anti-Centromere Antibodies (ACA) Detection by Indirect Immunofluorescence (IFA) on HEp-2 Cells and by ELISA Demonstrates High Concordance but Highlights Advantage of IFA in Detecting ACA to All Centromere Protein (CENP) Antigens

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Ajay Grover, PhD

Co-Discipline Director, Immunology, Flow Cytometry and Infectious Disease Immunology, Labcorp

Alan Lackey

Associate Director, Flow Cytometry Validations

Alex Katayev, MD

Associate Vice President and Director of Clinical Science Assessment; Discipline Director, Quality Control, Labcorp

Alicia Carter, MD

Vice President; Discipline Director, Anatomic Pathology and Histology/Cytology, Labcorp

André Valcour, PhD, MBA, DABCC

Vice President and Laboratory Director, Center for Esoteric Testing, Labcorp; Discipline Director of Allergy, Coagulation, and Endocrinology, Labcorp

Benjamin A. Nye, MT(ASCP)SH

Associate Vice President and Laboratory Operations Director, Atlantic Division Regional Laboratory; Discipline Director, Coagulation, Core Lab, Labcorp

Brandon Jarisch

Discipline Director, Satellite Labs and Waived Testing, Semen Analysis, Labcorp

Charles M. Walworth, MD

Discipline Director, Molecular Infections Disease, Monogram Biosciences, San Francisco, Calif.