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Labcorp Message (as of July 19 at 11 a.m. ET):

  • Labcorp systems are currently impacted by the CrowdStrike issues affecting companies globally.
  • This event impacts certain Labcorp business systems, including results delivery to physicians and patients.
  • Currently, this is not considered to be a cyber event and is due to a CrowdStrike software update.
  • We are working to restore full services as soon as possible.

Navigate the complexity of drug development with a trusted scientific laboratory.

Advance your program with solutions that inform every development phase and support your targeted therapeutic indications—including emerging treatment modalities.

Biopharma solutions

Nonclinical development

When you need scientific knowledge and experience in toxicology, pharmacology and metabolism, we're here to propel your drug development program forward.

Access scientific advice, risk assessments, program management and regulatory guidance to speed your asset across all phases of development, advancing your mission of developing breakthrough medicines in any modality or therapeutic area.

A line of scientists working in a lab together. All are focused on their own specimen

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Central lab services

Ground your development decisions with timely insights. Our industry-leading central labs generate more clinical trial data than all other central labs combined and support trials in over 100 countries. Our bioanalytical scientists in both nonclinical and clinical settings will help you anticipate regulatory challenges and offer strategic solutions to guide and enable fast, informed decisions.

Whether you're focused on highly targeted development, such as  cell and gene therapies or biologics, or seeking to define clinically relevant indicators via biomarkers, genomics testing  or companion diagnostics, we can help you discover, develop and commercialize your next therapeutic.  

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Commercialization services

Research and development answers can be elusive, which can result in uncertainty and delays.

Labcorp’s people—who are leaders in science, regulatory, global logistics, study management and more—are ready to consult with you to design biomarker-driven trials with the latest scientific approaches, offer best practices for study setup and specimen routing, and develop your companion diagnostic (CDx).

And once your therapeutic is approved, Labcorp can support your commercialization efforts with CDx, sponsored testing and more to ensure your breakthrough is reaching the right patients.

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Labcorp is your gateway to cutting-edge research and drug development. 

Support for biopharmaceutical partners, investigator sites and patients is driven by more than 14,000 Labcorp colleagues worldwide.

From drug discovery to clinical trial testing and diagnostic development and commercialization, today’s Labcorp combines the innovations of more than five decades supporting our biopharma partners in bringing new therapies to patients.  

84% of all drugs approved by FDA in 2022 were supported by Labcorp
100% of oncology drugs approved by FDA in 2022 were supported by Labcorp
100+ countries where we provide contract research services

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Global Locations

Access global reach through our comprehensive network of drug development labs.

North America

Flagship locations in Madison (WI) and Indianapolis (IN) are complemented with several specialty labs across the U.S. 


Flagship locations in Harrogate (U.K.) and Geneva (Switzerland) are supported by centers of excellence and kit production throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 


Advance your objectives in Asia with our recent expansions in Shanghai and Singapore and a major project underway in Japan.

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