Why choose Labcorp for your gaps in care solution?

Diagnostic testing is a critical step in closing care gaps. Lab tests are a vital link in identifying, diagnosing and monitoring chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease that account for a disproportionate amount of healthcare costs.

As a global leader in laboratory testing, Labcorp offers comprehensive gaps in care solutions that make the process easy for you and your patients—at every step.

End-to-End Gaps in Care Solutions

Labcorp’s diagnostic testing expertise and global scale mean our gaps in care solutions eliminate the need for multiple vendors. Our comprehensive programs are configurable to meet your needs and include:

  • Order placement
  • Patient outreach
  • Timely kit shipment and status tracking
  • Lab accessioning and results
  • Program and patient reporting

Accessibility and Convenience for Patients

Labcorp’s gaps in care solutions make it easy for patients to complete our convenient at-home test kit options. Our dedicated customer service is available to members to help close gaps quickly.

Reliable, High-Quality Results

All samples are tested in CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified Labcorp labs, meeting the highest standards for test accuracy and timeliness of test results.

Quality Reporting, Program and Audit

Our kits, tests, analytics and reporting are designed to comply with and support reporting for quality measurement, audit, and incentive programs and requirements.

Gaps in care solutions to address critical conditions

All at-home test kits include easy-to-follow instructions for ease of kit completion and easy sample return to Labcorp for specimen processing.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

An estimated 60% of colon cancer deaths are preventable for those who follow screening guidelines. Labcorp's gaps in care program for colorectal cancer screening includes:

  • ColoFIT™ kit (immunological fecal occult blood test)


More than 37 million people in the United States have diabetes, and 1 in 5 of them don’t know they have it.1 Blood sugar is a critical barometer when it comes to identifying and monitoring diabetes. Labcorp’s gaps in care program for diabetes includes kits for:

  • Hemoglobin A1c + eAG (estimated average glucose)

Kidney Health

More than 1 in 7 U.S. adults are thought to have chronic kidney disease.2 Labcorp’s kidney health test options measure overall kidney function and indicate possible kidney damage. Configurable kit options include:

  • eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate)
  • uACR (urine albumin creatinine ratio)
  • eGFR + uACR

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Configurable, scalable solution for gaps in care

Whether you are a payer, employer or provider organization, Labcorp can configure a solution that meets your patients’ needs.


  • Promotes compliance and improves quality performance
  • Reduces costs and improves financial performance
  • Enhances patient experience and increases patient satisfaction


  • Simplifies managing patient populations
  • Improves quality performance 
  • Improves patient health outcomes


  • Improves workforce health and reduces costs
  • Supports employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improves worker productivity 


  • Improves patients' quality of life
  • Offers flexible, convenient and accessible testing options 
  • Provides patients the ability to easily view and manage their test results 

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end-to-end gaps in care solutions can help meet your unique needs.


1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diabetes fast facts. Updated April 4, 2023. Accessed April 17, 2023.

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chronic kidney disease basics. Updated February 28, 2022. Accessed April 17, 2023.