Autism Spectrum Disorder Provider Information

Focus on the patient and family. We’ll take care of the rest.

LabCorp is working hard to make your work with developmentally delayed patients and their families a little bit easier. Through our Partners in Clinical Neuroscience program, we provide a competitive set of genetic testing options to give parents and patients answers they need and to empower you to improve health and improve lives. 

Testing Options:

Number Name


  • Prior authorization on whole exome testing.
  • Genetic results counseling.
  • Physician-level test consultation with LabCorp genetic counselors.
  • Parent-friendly website to explain the various tests and their result implications.

Additional Resources

LabCorp’s role is to provide timely, accurate results for the tests ordered and to support your patients with the understanding of those results with genetic counseling. For additional resources on genetic mutations, (gene list and specific variants found in individuals with known conditions) the following databases, funded by the National Institutes of Health, are available: