From initial screening through diagnosis and follow up, Labcorp supports the continuum of your patients’ care with:

  • Autoimmune epilepsy antibody testing
  • Genetic testing (NGS) panels
  • Genetic counselling services
  • Therapeutic drug level testing
  • Biochemical and metabolic testing

Genetic Testing (NGS) Panels

Approximately 70-80% of epilepsy cases are believed to be due to one or more genetic factors.2,3 Testing for epilepsy-related genes may be helpful for clarifying diagnosis and prognosis, selecting optimal treatments, and revealing information for family planning.4 Labcorp offers two genetic testing options: Clinical Epilepsy NGS Panel (630550): 46 genes, and Comprehensive Epilepsy NGS (630268): 811 genes.

Autoimmune Epilepsy Evaluation Panel (505490)

This test provides an evaluation of possible autoantibodies in patients with suspected autoimmune epilepsy, and optimizes the likelihood of detecting neuronal specific autoantibodies. 


Genetic Counseling Resources

Genetic counseling services are available to help patients understand their risk and results from NGS panels. Patients can schedule an appointment by calling 855-GC-CALLS or 855-422-2557.

Therapeutic drug level testing

Labcorp offers a broad catalog of tests for assessing epilepsy drug levels in patients.

Test No. 

Drug Name 

Test No. 

Drug Name 


Carbamazepine, Serum or Plasma 


Levetiracetam, Serum or Plasma 


Carbamazepine-10,11 Epoxide 


Oxcarbazepine, Serum or Plasma 


HLA B* 15:02, Carbamazepine Sensitivity 


Phenobarbital, Serum or Plasma 


Cenobamate (Xcopri), Plasma 


Phenytoin, Serum or Plasma 


Ethosuximide, Serum or Plasma 


Pregabalin, Urine 


Felbamate, Serum or Plasma 


Primidone, Serum or Plasma 


Gabapentin, Serum or Plasma 


Topiramate, Serum or Plasma 




Valproic Acid, Serum or Plasma 


Lamotrigine, Serum or Plasma 


Zonisamide, Serum or Plasma 

702690 Cannabidiol (CBD), MS, Serum or Plasma  790500 Clobazam, serum or plasma   
071712  Clonazepam, serum or plasma  811903 Clonazepam (Urine)
007989 Diazepam, serum or plasma   702790  Eslicarbazepine Acetate, Immunoassay, Serum or Plasma   
808465 Lorazepam, serum or plasma   808025 Lorazepam (urine)  
284191 Rufinamide, serum or plasma  842104 Tiagiapine, serum or plasma   
808315  Vigabatrin, serum or plasma  


Biochemical and metabolic testing

Labcorp has a full suite of metabolic and biochemical genetic testing to help evaluate and monitor epilepsy patients, such as creatine, neopterin/tetrahydrobiopterin and neurotransmitter metabolites. Download our epilepsy brochure for a complete list.


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