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Ethics, Compliance & Privacy

Our ethics, security and privacy earn us the trust of patients and professionals around the globe.

From employee diversity and inclusion to data privacy and security, ethical integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

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Ethics and Integrity

Whether we're working with one another internally or developing relationships with patients, customers, suppliers, vendors and communities, ethics and integrity are always at the foundation.

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Compliance and Regulations

Our global compliance program is designed to:

  • Promote honest and ethical conduct
  • Address compliance with state, federal and global regulations
  • Deter wrongdoing
  • Foster full, fair, accurate and timely disclosure of concerns or violations (such as our conflict minerals disclosure)

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Data Privacy and Security 

From daily lab tests and clinical trial data to claims and payments, safeguarding and protecting healthcare data remains one of our most important priorities.

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Explore recent initiatives to foster a culture of security and trust. 

Our cross-functional, executive-level committee tracks dozens of company initiatives and metrics, related to privacy and data security.