Labcorp Venture Fund Portfolio

Adaptive Biotechnologies is a leader in immune-driven medicine that aims to improve people’s lives by translating our adaptive immune systems with unprecedented scale and precision and applying these insights to develop products that will transform the way diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Adela is developing best-in-class technology to accelerate the diagnosis and improve the management of cancer through blood tests for minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring and multi-cancer early detection (MCED). Adela’s genome-wide methylome enrichment platform, which utilizes the company’s patented cfMeDIP-seq platform, efficiently captures extensive, biologically-relevant genomic information to maximize test performance and improve treatment decisions.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics utilizes rapid point-of-care diagnostic information systems to reduce the reliance on antibiotics in livestock.

Aetion is a healthcare technology company that delivers real-world evidence for life sciences, payers, providers, and regulatory agencies. Aetion informs health care’s most critical decisions to guide treatment development, commercialization, and payment innovation into health care’s modern era.

AOA Dx is pioneering the field of Glycolipids, a new frontier in diagnostics. The proprietary biomarker technology in glycolipids detects early-stage cancer in blood by quantifying circulating gangliosides across multiple cancers and utilizing data science and AI to develop highly accurate diagnostic tests. AOA Dx is focused on women’s health with our first platform product detecting early-stage ovarian cancer, the deadliest gynecological cancer.

Biospectal democratizes blood pressure management at global scale by measuring and managing blood pressure via the fingertip on a smartphone camera. By completely virtualizing the blood pressure cuff into software on common smartphones, we enable convenient, connected, and ubiquitous access to monitoring – anytime, anywhere.

Circuit Clinical's mission is to make it easier for people to find, understand, and choose clinical research as a care option. The company helps study new medications, vaccines, digital health platforms, and medical devices while bringing research opportunities to doctors, medical practices, care organizations, and patients who might not otherwise be able to participate.

Dorsata is a digital health company initially focused on maternity. Dorsata overlays native EHR platforms to deliver clinical decision support that improves outcomes, increases value, and drives clinical research.

Droplet Biosciences is pioneering the use of lymphatic fluid collected from post-surgical drains as a source of unique and clinically relevant biomarkers to improve cancer patient care. 90% of cancers recur first via the lymphatic system, which makes it particularly relevant for identifying recurrence risk and enabling precision immuno-oncology.

Emulate’s Human Emulation System sets a new standard for recreating true-to-life human biology and is being used to advance product innovation, design, and safety across a range of applications, including drug development, agriculture, cosmetics, food, and chemical-based consumer products.

Epic Sciences, Inc. is developing novel diagnostics to personalize and advance the treatment and management of cancer through our liquid biopsy platform, which characterizes rare cells, including circulating tumor cells.

Evvy is on a mission to close the gender health gap by discovering and leveraging female-specific biomarkers, starting with the vaginal microbiome. Evvy Vaginal Health Test is the first-ever at-home vaginal microbiome test to use metagenomic sequencing to tell you what’s up down there, why it matters, and what you can do about it. Simultaneously, Evvy is uncovering how female biomarkers can be better leveraged to diagnose, treat, and predict risk for complex health conditions in the female body.

Fabric Genomics is making genomics-driven precision medicine a reality by providing AI-based clinical-decision support software that enable clinical labs and hospital systems to make significantly faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology and services company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. Our platform enables cancer researchers and care providers to learn from the experience of every patient.

Geneoscopy Inc. is a life sciences company focused on developing diagnostic tests for gastrointestinal health. Leveraging its proprietary, patented stool-derived eukaryotic RNA (seRNA) biomarker platform, Geneoscopy’s mission is to empower patients and providers to transform gastrointestinal health through innovative diagnostics.

GeneCentric parses complex tumor biology into genomic signatures, revealing high-resolution cancer subtypes to identify drug responder populations and help target both new and established cancer therapeutics.

Getlabs provides the infrastructure for delivering healthcare nationwide. Patients can book a Getlabs phlebotomist to draw their lab tests at their home or office. Providers can dispatch Getlabs' medical professionals to collect the diagnostic tests they need and make informed medical decisions remotely.

2019 Best in KLAS® population health management company with a single-platform solution aggregating clinical, claims, and quality data to provide actionable insights that improve health care outcomes and value-based care. HealthEC’s Oncology Care Module helps providers improve clinical/financial performance by monitoring treatment protocols and developing targeted therapies.

HealthVerity’s IPGE platform enables the discovery of RWD across the broadest healthcare data ecosystem, the building of more complete and accurate patient journeys, and the ability to power best-in-class analytics and applications with flexibility and ease.

Kiyatec accurately models and predicts cancer patient response to drug therapies, using 3D cell culture technology, to inform clinical decision making and drive drug development.

MC10's mission is to improve human health through digital healthcare solutions. MC10 commercializes novel sensors and software for remote data capture, analysis, and insights in clinical trial and patient management applications. 

Mercy BioAnalytics is on a mission to save lives and relieve suffering through the early detection of cancer. Through the measurement of co-localized biomarkers found on tumor-derived extracellular vesicles present at high abundance in blood, the Mercy Halo test portfolio aims to detect cancer at its earliest stages, when it is most treatable.

Mission Bio provides a precision genomics platform, powered by proprietary droplet microfluidics, to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.

Navigating Cancer is the leading Patient Relationship Management technology and solutions company focused on improving the patient experience, delivering more effective care management, and enabling oncology care innovation. With over 1,700 providers adopting the Navigating Care platform, it is the most deployed patient management solution in oncology. 

NephroSant is a diagnostics company developing innovative tests focused on the early detection of kidney disease and injury, plus lifetime monitoring of kidney health.  The company’s first product QSant™ is a convenient, noninvasive, urine-based test that supports detection of kidney rejection risk.

NextGen Jane (NGJ) is a genomics company that has developed a menstrual data platform to advance next-generation gynecological health. By building molecular profiles of shed endometrium, NGJ is developing granular and precise disease signatures for conditions that impact women.

NOWDiagnostics (NOWDx) develops and manufactures “Touch to Test” over-the-counter and point of care diagnostic tests that yield results in minutes. Its patented approach allows for virtually any immunological assay to be accurately performed in one step using a tiny amount of capillary blood or saliva. NOWDx envisions a world where people have greater access to in-home testing with in-home results - in minutes. We are committed to changing healthcare by providing accessible, affordable, and accurate testing for all.

OmniSeq endeavors to find the right drug or the right trial for every patient by improving access to better cancer treatment options through comprehensive genomic and immune profiling assays for solid tumors.

OneOme is an innovator in precision medicine and pharmacogenetics. OneOme strives to empower smarter prescription decisions through its RightMed® test and medication optimization platform.

Outcomes4Me is an AI-driven patient empowerment platform that helps cancer patients take a proactive approach to their care, gaining access to personalized, evidence-based treatment options and information. The company is on a mission to democratize healthcare by providing real-time, evidence-based clinical information to cancer patients, ensuring they can effectively navigate through their disease and improve their outcomes.

Ovia Health is a digital health platform that has served more than 15 million family journeys. Ovia provides support across women's and family health, including contraception and family building, maternity and postpartum health, behavioral health and parental wellbeing, and children’s health.

PathAI is a leading provider of AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. PathAI’s platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning.

The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets is a San Diego-based molecular diagnostics company dedicated to unleashing the power of genomics to improve pet health. The company's flagship product, OncoK9®, enables veterinarians to detect cancer in dogs with a simple blood draw. uses the power of multi-omic cancer profiling and the advanced analytics of our proprietary Precision Oncology Platform to enhance oncologists' decision-making by providing a Perthera Report with matched and ranked therapy options, including clinical trials. then collects and uses patient outcomes to continually inform and refine the process, ensuring that patients get access to the best available personalized therapy options for their cancer at any point in their journey.

PhAST is a healthcare technology company developing artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic platform to combat antibiotic resistance. Our cloud-based rapid diagnostics platform delivers the full continuum of care by providing clinical decision support for healthcare professionals.

Precision Digital Health (PDH) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform company that specializes in the use of real-world data (RWD) to generate real-world evidence (RWE) in support of clinical research, drug development, and to improve health-related outcomes. 

Presage Biosciences uses its proprietary CIVO® microdosing platform in cutting-edge Phase 0 clinical trials to enable simultaneous evaluation of multiple drugs and combinations in the cancer patient’s own tumor. CIVO provides a detailed understanding of tumor response years earlier than the conventional approach, improving both the effectiveness and economics of cancer drug development.

Prolocor’s mission is to develop a diagnostic test that quantifies platelet FcγRIIa and identifies patients at high and low risk for heart attack, stroke, and death, enabling precision targeting of the right medicines for the right patients, at a net savings to the health system.  This test has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of coronary patients globally.

Serimmune reveals the many diverse antigens that stimulate the human immune system - enabling unlimited multiplexing of antibody serology tests from a single assay and specimen, and accelerating the discovery and development of immuno-therapeutics.  

SiteLabs’ easy-to-use testing platform helps independent pharmacies conduct point-of-care testing and wellness screenings, plus handles referrals to providers. Screening through our network of independent pharmacies improves healthcare access, lowers the cost of care, and enhances health outcomes.

TrakCel effectively and efficiently orchestrates the advanced therapy value chain – delivering a safe, scalable, and compliant solution. OCELLOS by TrakCel has been designed to streamline the orchestration of clinical and commercial stage therapies, ensuring Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody are managed at each step of the patient journey.

The Recovery Platform is an opioid treatment platform focused on retention and reduced relapse for Medication Assisted Treatment patients. The platform is seamlessly integrated with laboratories, state PDMPs, and EHRs and leverages state of the art technology, including concierge services such as telemedicine.

Vital exists to make diagnostics ubiquitous, moving healthcare beyond episodic encounters to a world of proactive and accessible care. In pursuit of this mission, Vital is building an ecosystem of devices, software & knowledge, including a platform to enable a broad panel of routine diagnostics in 20 minutes in primary care practices.

Vivify Health is transforming healthcare with the market’s most comprehensive, patient-centered, connected care platform, with a focus on greater engagement and adherence for better clinical and financial outcomes.

Xcell Biosciences is a leading developer of innovative technologies and platforms designed to enable researchers, drug developers, and manufacturers to enhance the performance and safety of cell and gene therapies.

YourBio Health is an innovative medical device company advancing a disruptive, cutting-edge approach to the way we draw blood. YourBio Health designed and developed TAP®, the world’s first push-button blood collection device that makes the blood process simple, convenient, and more comfortable.