What do the results mean?

In addition to aiding a provider in determining the appropriate treatment plan, genetic testing may help parents and families understand any genetic risks that may be present, and can therefore assist in planning discussions. If your child’s result is positive, talk with your health care provider about the test result and how it may be related to your child’s diagnosis of ASD. You may also want to discuss:

  • Any changes to your child’s medical management and treatment.
  • If the condition could be inherited and what this might mean for future pregnancies and other family members.

negative test result means the testing performed did not find a genetic explanation for why your child has autism. If your child’s result is negative, talk with your health care provider about whether any additional genetic testing is recommended.

An uncertain result (commonly referred to as a variant of uncertain significance or a VUS) means that the chromosomal microarray or whole exome sequencing test did find a genetic change in your child’s chromosome or DNA. However, based on today’s scientific knowledge, it is not clear if this change is the cause of your child’s autism or a normal variation in your child’s DNA. If your child’s result is a VUS, talk with your health care provider about any recommended next steps.

Labcorp offers genetic results counseling services. Genetics counselors will walk you through the results of the tests and help you understand what they mean now and possibly what they could mean for the future. These counseling sessions can be over the phone. Schedule an appointment online.


Labcorp PatientTM portal allows you to view, download and print your Labcorp test results.

Lab test results are released to your ordering physician before you can view them online. Contact your doctor if you have questions concerning a test or your results.