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Labcorp understands the challenges of collecting specimens in nonclinical environments and has validated the stability and methodology of using plasma tubes in Lab-in-a-Box and a dried blood spot collection card in Lab-in-an-Envelope to make field collections of laboratory specimens possible.

The Lab-in-a-Box system combines the use of stabilized, anticoagulated blood specimens with a unique specimen transport box, all designed to simplify specimen handling while maintaining preanalytical specimen integrity.

Lab-in-an-Envelope is a cost-effective alternative for specimen collection when on-site phlebotomy is not an option.


Lab-in-a-Box is a proprietary kit for laboratory testing to help evaluate the condition of home health care patients. Lab-in-a-Box allows home health care providers to draw blood using plasma tubes and send it directly to the lab without centrifuging (spinning).

How do clients use Lab-in-a-Box?

After completing the custom Lab-in-a-Box test request form, clients collect specimens using the tubes inside the Lab-in-a-Box kit and then package the kit for drop-off. Clients may drop off Lab-in-a-Box at any of Labcorp’s patient service centers, use an individually prearranged drop box, or—for a limited number of tests—ship the kit via FedEx.

Please see the following documents for detailed information about using Lab-in-a-Box:

The Lab-in-a-Box Training and Assessment program offers support and education for successful collections and pre-analytical handling of home health care laboratory specimens. The training offers a printable certificate of in-service completion to help monitor and manage education for your staff.

How are Lab-in-a-Box test results received?

Labcorp has the flexibility to mix and match connectivity solutions to provide efficient and effective communication between the laboratory and the home health care provider. Lab-in-a-Box results are available through Labcorp Link or via fax.

Lab-in-a-Box Customer Service

Telephone: 888-522-4452

Email: [email protected]

Lab-in-a-Box Kits & Supplies

You may place your Lab-in-a-Box supplies order in the following ways:


Lab-in-an-Envelope is a cost-effective alternative for specimen collection when on-site phlebotomy is not an option. Lab-in-an-Envelope uses dried blood spot specimens, a method widely used for screening since the early 1960s. The Lab-in-an-Envelope program can extend select health screening tests to remote or widely dispersed populations who may have little or no convenient access to phlebotomy.

Each Lab-in-an-Envelope kit contains all the items required to collect, prepare, and mail dried blood specimens to the laboratory via US mail.

Examples of testing that can be performed using dried blood spot technology include:

  • Total cholesterol
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Cotinine

Other tests that are available via Lab-in-an-Envelope are:

  • Lipid
  • A1c
  • PSA
  • TSH
  • CRP
  • Cotinine
  • Creatinine
  • BUN
  • ALT
  • Testosterone

We also offer the following kits:

  • iFOBT kit
  • Urine Micro Albumin Kit

The Lab-in-an-Envelope training video illustrates how to properly use the blood spot collection kit.

For a complete menu of Lab-in-an-Envelope tests or more information about how the Lab-in-an-Envelope program can bring convenience and value to your organization, call 888-522-4452 or email [email protected].