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Use this option to order Lab-in-a-Box for Patient Service Center (PSC) or Drop-Box Options. 
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Add Ons
(When drawing multiple patients, specimens can be packed together in one Lab-in-a-Box for drop off.)
2 green top, 1 gray top, 1 blue top, and purple top, LIAPouch, Vacutainer® holder, luer adapter, safety vacutainer needle, test request form, wicking pad, and biohazard bag.
Lab-in-a-Box Multi-Pack and 2 navy top tubes
2 Blood culture bottles
One culturette swab
Culture tube, UA tube, collection cup, and transfer straw
Para-Pak® Clean Vial Stool
Para-Pak® C&S Stool
Para-Pak® O&P Stool
FOBT Stool
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