Post-Accident Collection

Accidents never take a vacation.

That is why Labcorp offers a post-accident collection coordination program that enables customers to contact a Labcorp representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for service. Our service representatives use our robust national collection site database for extensive walk-in collection service coverage. When needed, mobile collection services may also be available.

Cab packs are an integral part of the program to assure optimum facility availability for emergency collection situations. The standard cab pack consists of:

  • Chain of custody form
  • Airbill
  • Labpack
  • Instruction letter to client/donor
  • Instruction letter to collector

Labcorp's Post-Accident Collection Coordination Program Protocol

A Labcorp representative will obtain pertinent client information from the caller and record on a post-accident incident report form.

A Labcorp representative will arrange for the collection process based on the specific needs of the situation (ie, walk-in clinic or mobile collector). The LabCorp representative will provide the collector with the following information provided by the caller:

  • Company name
  • Donor name
  • Donor location
  • Account number(s)/client ID numbers (for EBT services)
  • Location code, if required
  • Services required (urine drug screen and/or evidential breath alcohol)
  • Company contact person and phone number (for positive breath alcohol)
  • Specimen shipping instructions
  • Collection billing procedures
  • Any special instructions

A Labcorp representative will contact the collector within 24 hours of collection to confirm that the process was completed as well as to confirm the chain of custody and airbill numbers for tracking purposes.

A Labcorp representative will confirm receipt of specimen at the laboratory and result reporting to the appropriate customer account.

A Labcorp representative will send, via facsimile, a copy of the completed post-accident incident report form to the company contact provided by the caller.

Labcorp Global Services will enter the appropriate test number to bill the client's account for the post-accident coordination. All post-accident collection coordination fees are billed as line items on the client's drug screen or EBT account.

Setting Up a Post-Accident Collection Program

To set up a post-accident collection program, contact your Labcorp representative or call 800-833-3984.