Alcohol Testing Solutions

The Centers for Disease Control reports that over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to chronic diseases and other serious problems, including alcohol use disorder and problems with learning, memory and mental health. Other chronic health conditions linked to excessive alcohol use include: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease and cancer.

Saliva Alcohol Screening in Labcorp PSCs

Labcorp offers drug-free workplace instant saliva alcohol screening at many of its more than 2,000 patient service centers (PSCs) nationwide (check with Labcorp about availability). The instant saliva alcohol screen is performed on-site by trained professionals to obtain an immediate screening result.

The saliva alcohol test used by Labcorp conforms to the Department of Transportation (DOT) model specifications for screening devices that measure alcohol in bodily fluids. In the event that a positive screen is obtained with the instant test, DOT requires breath alcohol confirmation using an evidentiary breath alcohol testing instrument.

Saliva Alcohol Screening Protocol:

The following protocol applies to federally regulated and non-federally regulated saliva alcohol screening.

  • Any donor arriving at a Labcorp PSC for a saliva alcohol screen for “Reasonable Suspicion” or “Post Accident” must be accompanied by a designated employer representative (DER) for the screen to be conducted
  • For all other screening purposes, if a donor receives a positive screen for saliva alcohol, we will contact the DER to have the DER transport the donor to a non-Labcorp breath alcohol confirmation facility of the client’s choice to have the screening confirmed
  • If the DER cannot be located to transport the donor for a breath alcohol confirmation, we will arrange for a mobile breath alcohol confirmation to be conducted at the PSC and the client will be invoiced for the service

Laboratory-Based Alcohol Testing Options

Labcorp offers laboratory-based oral fluid and blood alcohol testing for non-federally regulated drug-free workplace testing programs. Oral fluid alcohol testing may be performed as a single test or as part of an oral fluid drug test panel. Blood alcohol testing likewise may be performed as a single test or in conjunction with a blood, oral fluid or urine drug test panel. The same Labcorp PSC network that conducts saliva alcohol screening may also be used for oral fluid or blood alcohol specimen collections.

To set up an alcohol testing program, contact Labcorp sales.