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Our story

A global life sciences and healthcare company seeking answers

We believe in harnessing science for human good. And so we work day and night, around the world, to deliver answers for all your health questions—because we know that knowledge has the potential to make life better for all.



We’re in the business of health answers.

We tackle almost every known health challenge—from commonly understood and emerging viruses to life-threatening conditions and very rare diseases. 

Our integrated approach means we’re able to see each idea through, full circle. Our work has helped to power clearer, more confident decisions for those dealing with some of life’s most critical choices.

It’s why we promise to bring solutions to market with speed and precision—because every answer is paramount. 

How we Make it Possible

We give everything our all. 

That means employing top experts who use science and technology to identify, diagnose, manage and help solve the world’s most critical health challenges.

We’re helping revolutionize patient care across the spectrum of health concerns, with a particular focus on some of the most pressing needs in oncology, Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions, liver and autoimmune diseases—as well as helping people prevent serious illnesses and remain healthy.

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We work for all communities.

With nearly 100 labs in dozens of countries, we perform tests for people across the world suffering from seizures, flu symptoms, heart diseases and allergies.

We run clinical trials for oncology patients, neurology patients, those with kidney disease, COVID-19, fertility issues and more.

And we work for parents, children, grandparents, best friends, neighbors—even ourselves.

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Through our innovations, venture investments and strategic acquisitions, our diagnostics and drug development teams have advanced healthcare across almost every disease.