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Testing for the weight loss journey

Solutions for weight loss management

Weight management can be difficult to navigate. We're making it easier with convenient, flexible testing options that help track heath status during your weight loss journey so you can live a longer, healthier life. 

Supporting weight loss from drug development through patient care

Weight loss medication

Offering on-going testing solutions to track important measures while on weight loss medications such as GLP-1 agonists.

Bariatric (metabolic) surgery

Offering comprehensive testing panels to track patient status pre and post surgery.

Clinical trials

Providing testing support during clinical trials for weight loss and associated cardiometabolic conditions.

Connected conditions

Screening and chronic condition management tests for cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes, dyslipidemia and steatotic liver disease (formerly called fatty liver disease).

Early-stage investments

Investing in innovative startups supporting the weight loss journey through the Labcorp Venture Fund.

From baseline to beyond

Making weight loss management blood tests more accessible and convenient

Testing for individuals

With options for baseline and follow-up testing available through Labcorp OnDemand, we’re making it easier for consumers to track how their weight loss journey impacts overall health.

Weight management baseline test

Get an overall picture of your health as you begin your weight loss journey.

Weight management tracking test

Keep track of how your body is impacted over time during your weight loss journey.

Testing for providers

From pre- and post-bariatric surgery needs to tracking health along the weight loss journey, we’ve packaged our test offerings so clinicians can easily order in their own systems right at their fingertips.

Weight management portfolio 

Access a portfolio of packaged tests for evaluating, tracking, and monitoring weight management patients, including those being treated with lifestyle modification and GLP-1 medications.

Bariatric surgery micronutrient portfolio 

Explore a portfolio of packaged tests for evaluating, treating and monitoring patients pre- and post-surgery.

Thinking beyond weight loss

Learn more about the connection to cardiometabolic conditions 
such as diabetes and how to proactively get screened.

Get answers about connected cardiometabolic conditions. 

Explore options for detecting and managing related cardiometabolic diseases.