Weight loss management testing

Supporting your weight loss journey

Weight loss can be an important step in living a longer, healthier life. Labcorp has testing solutions to help you track how the changes you make along the way are impacting your health. Know more about your body, potentional connected conditions, and the impact your weight changes are making with our convenient tests.

There are many options for weight loss management, including:

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Weight management baseline test 

Get an overall picture of your health as you begin your weight loss journey.

Weight management tracking test

Keep track of how your body is impacted over time during your weight loss journey.

Connected conditions

Understand the relationship between weight health and cardiometabolic health

You may be at a higher risk for other health conditions based on your weight. Sometimes you may not even be aware of these other conditions because they don’t always have symptoms. The earlier you know about your risk factors or the presence of a disease, the sooner you can get the care you need.

The importance of testing throughout your weight loss journey

However you choose to manage your weight, testing can help you identify any existing or new health concerns and track your measures over time. Common blood tests for weight loss management include: