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  • How does Labcorp Web COC save the collector time?

    The Labcorp Web COC collection application eliminates time spent locating, ordering, and stocking pre-printed non-regulated COC forms.

    Labcorp Corporate Solutions and Web COC reduce the need for customers and the laboratory to call collectors for COC copies, specimen collection status, and incomplete COC form correction documentation. 

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  • How does the collector access Labcorp Web COC?

    Labcorp Web COC is accessible on the internet by clicking here.

    Labcorp Web COC may be accessed through an icon on your PC desktop.

    Each specimen collector is set up individually with a unique user name and password.

    The collector may access Labcorp Web COC from any location that is internet-enabled.

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  • Can Labcorp Web COC be used for all drug screen collections?

    No, the Labcorp Web COC system can be used for non-federally-regulated urine, hair, blood, oral fluid, and rapid test drug screen collections.

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  • How will Labcorp Web COC affect the collection billing process with Labcorp?

    Use of the Labcorp Web COC application enhances the AutoPay system for collection fee payment.

    Labcorp Web COC assures that Labcorp receives the collection site data necessary to process collection payments.

    The Labcorp Web COC application indicates which specimen collections are processed through Labcorp's AutoPay system.

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  • What does Labcorp Web COC do for my company?

    Labcorp Web COC may reduce the space required to store COC forms since only one type of paper is required for federally regulated and non-federally-regulated urine, as well as non-regulated hair, oral fluid, and rapid drug test collections.

    The Labcorp Corporate Solutions applications' online data access capabilities can reduce the time your staff spends on the telephone processing requests for collection status and COC form copies.

    The Labcorp Web COC rapid test collection feature enables you to provide customers with electronic rapid test results within minutes.

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  • What computer skills are needed to use Web COC?

    LabCorp Web COC is a user-friendly application that requires only a basic understanding of how to navigate through a web browser.

    The LabCorp Corporate Solutions Web Tools suite of applications includes basic user instructions on each page to assist with navigation.

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  • What is Labcorp Web COC (chain of custody)?

    Labcorp Web COC is an innovative drug testing specimen collection tool that guides the collector through each step of the collection process to produce a federally regulated or non-federally-regulated chain of custody form on-site.

    Labcorp Web COC is the specimen collection application within the Labcorp Corporate Solutions Web Tools suite of web-based drug testing program management tools.

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