Flu activity is blooming this spring: How can you help your employees?

11 October 2022

According to the CDC weekly influenza surveillance report, influenza activity continues to increase in some areas of the country. With spring fully here, this may seem remarkably late in the season! What’s happening?

Flu cases increase as COVID restrictions decrease

Flu cases have decreased in the past couple of seasons, largely due to COVID-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in many areas of the U.S. has also made it easier for the flu to spread.

Experts generally agree that flu activity is hard to predict—which is why the CDC strongly recommends a flu shot every year. Vaccination prevents millions of illnesses and flu-related doctor visits each year, and even in years where effectiveness rates are lower, the vaccine can still prevent serious outcomes and keep your employees and their families safe.

Did you know that each year, the flu is responsible for up to:

Flexible flu offerings to support your entire workforce

Everyday preventive actions—including the flu vaccine—are not just the right thing to do for employees, their families and public health, they’re also good business.

Fortunately, Labcorp’s flexible flu offerings can support your entire workforce—whether employees are working on-site or remotely—and can be seamlessly combined with other offerings, such as biometric screenings or COVID-19 testing. We provide a convenient, seamlessly integrated experience, with simple on-site agreements, quick online scheduling and the highest standards of accuracy you’ve come to expect from Labcorp.

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