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Alcohol Testing Solutions

Employees who have alcohol problems are nearly three times as likely as those without such problems to call out of work due to injuries.1 One study found that more than a third of patients coming to the hospital emergency room for on-the-job injuries were “at-risk drinkers”.1

LabCorp’s occupational testing services business offers instant saliva alcohol testing at many of its more than 1700 patient service centers (PSCs) nationwide. The instant saliva alcohol test is performed on-site by trained professionals to obtain an immediate result.

The saliva alcohol test used by LabCorp conforms to the Department of Transportation (DOT) model specifications for screening devices that measure alcohol in bodily fluids.2

In the event that a positive screen is obtained with the instant test, a DOT-required breath alcohol confirmation can be performed at one of LabCorp’s Substance Abuse Collection Professional Network (SACPN) locations. LabCorp can customize a saliva alcohol testing program to meet your post-accident, random, or pre-employment testing needs. In addition to saliva alcohol testing, LabCorp offers laboratory-based blood alcohol testing for non-federally regulated programs. The same LabCorp PSC network that conducts saliva alcohol screening may also be used for blood alcohol testing.

To set up an alcohol testing program, contact LabCorp sales.


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