Bleeding Diathesis With Normal aPTT/PT Profile (Esoterix)

CPT: 85240(x2); 85245; 85246; 85250; 85270; 85290; 85360; 85384; 85410; 85415
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Test Details

Test Includes

α2-Antiplasmin assay; euglobulin lysis time; factor VIII activity; factor VIII chromogenic; factor IX activity; factor XI activity; factor XIII activity; fibrinogen activity; PAI-1 activity with reflex to PAI-1 antigen and tissue plasminogen activator (tPA); von Willebrand factor activity; von Willebrand factor antigen


To assist in the determination of a cause of bleeding in a patient with normal aPTT and PT.


This procedure may be considered by Medicare and other carriers as investigational and, therefore, may not be payable as a covered benefit for patients.


See individual tests.

Specimen Requirements


Plasma, frozen


7 mL platelet-poor frozen citrated plasma divided into seven tubes


Blue-top (sodium citrate) tube


Plasma must be separated from cells within 45 minutes of venipuncture and plasma centrifuged a second time before being placed in plastic transport tubes. Freeze within two hours and keep frozen until testing is performed.

Storage Instructions


Causes for Rejection

Noncitrated plasma; gross hemolysis; fibrin clot in plasma


Order Code Order Code Name Order Loinc Result Code Result Code Name UofM Result LOINC
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500666 Factor VIII Activity % 3209-4
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500193 FVIII Chromogenic % 49865-9
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500672 Factor IX Activity % 3187-2
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500674 Factor XI Activity % 3226-8
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500186 Factor XIII Activity** % 3237-5
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500701 Fibrinogen Activity mg/dL 3255-7
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500669 von Willebrand Factor Activity % 6014-5
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500668 von Willebrand Factor Antigen % 27816-8
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 501175 Alpha-2 Antiplasmin Assay % 27810-1
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 500616 PAI-1 Activity IU/mL 5975-8
503541 Bleeding Diathesis 503479 Euglobulin Lysis Time 40454-1
Reflex Table for PAI-1 Activity
Order Code Order Name Result Code Result Name UofM Result LOINC
Reflex 1 503551 PAI-1+TPA Ag 500030 TPA Antigen ng/mL 5971-7
Reflex Table for PAI-1 Activity
Order Code Order Name Result Code Result Name UofM Result LOINC
Reflex 1 503551 PAI-1+TPA Ag 500059 PAI-1 Antigen ng/mL 22758-7

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