Due to increased precautions taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic—wearing masks, social distancing, hand sanitation and cleanliness—the annual flu has been relatively silent since the 2020 season.

This year, however, the flu is circulating with two other prominent and potentially serious respiratory viruses in what some are calling a “tripledemic.” This unofficial term refers to the combined circulation of influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and COVID-19.

Here are just a couple ways you can help protect the health and well-being of your workforce this flu season.

Company strategies: Vaccinations and sick leave

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) share the benefits of workplace vaccination as well as tips for preventing the flu, such as encouraging all employees to get their annual flu shot and developing new sick leave policies that encourage employees to stay at home when they’re sick. This is especially effective if employers remind sick employees they can and should do so without fear of repercussion.

Flu shots and biometric screenings: Prevention is key!

Many companies schedule on-site flu clinics in the fall to coincide with on-site biometric screenings. Together, the two help reduce the number of flu infections each year and put the focus on prevention. At Labcorp we offer both services in one convenient place. Our flu clinics and  biometric screenings utilize our very own staff and make it easy for the participant.

Our digital health platform makes it easy to schedule flu and screening appointments for employees and their adult dependents, increases engagement with appointment reminders, provides on-demand access to screening results and proof of vaccination. We take a sustainable approach to our on-site events utilizing cellular enabled tablets, which increase results access and reduces the need for paper.

We’ll come to you with flu vaccination clinics and biometric screenings to empower your teams with increased protection this flu season. It’s a no-brainer: offering flu shots is an easy way to help keep you and your team healthy and avoid productivity losses.

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