Media Statement: Labcorp Political Contributions

Labcorp does not make contributions to federal political candidates. Labcorp does have a Political Action Committee (PAC). The Labcorp PAC contributes to both Democrats and Republicans who support science, innovation, and appropriate coverage and reimbursement. The Labcorp PAC Executive Committee has established guidelines for contributions to candidates and political committees, to support candidates on a non-partisan, bicameral basis in the best interests of Labcorp, prioritizing contributions to candidates and political committees identified as supportive of the company’s business objectives. The Labcorp PAC Executive Committee considers relevant facts and circumstances in making decisions about the candidates and political committees that Labcorp PAC supports, and will continue to do so.

Labcorp PAC contributions are publicly disclosed through Federal Election Commission reports. The PAC will be filing its year-end 2020 report by the end of January 2021. The Labcorp PAC has made no contributions since the events of January 6, 2021, and has made no decisions yet regarding future PAC contributions. Recent events will be considered among other considerations in the committee’s deliberations.

(Updated January 13, 2021)