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What is AMAS?

Anti-malignin antibody in serum (AMAS) is a test offered by only one laboratory in the U.S. While it is described by its manufacturer as useful in early diagnosis for those at high risk for cancer and in monitoring cancer progression, there is little published evidence from independent sources to support this claim. Despite more than 20 years of availability, the test has not earned the confidence of most in the medical community given the lack of data regarding its clinical utility.

The AMAS test is not specific to one particular type of cancer, which brings into question the test's impact on patient health outcomes. In other words, it is unclear how the test's results can be used to advance a diagnosis or develop a treatment plan for a patient.

The AMAS test, if used, should never be used alone to diagnose cancer nor to screen asymptomatic people for cancer. The available evidence indicates that a negative AMAS test should never be interpreted as an "all-clear" message if there is any other reason to suspect the possibility of cancer.

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