Five advantages to planning your employee flu clinic now

12 October 2022

Every fall and winter, we hear a lot about the flu. The flu, short for “influenza,” is a disease that can result in missed time from work, hospitalization and sometimes even death.

As we turn into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the health and safety of our hybrid workforces is more important than ever. So as we head into the flu season, it's crucial everyone gets vaccinated to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the flu.

Here are five advantages to start planning your flu clinic today:

1. Demonstrates that safety is a top priority in your return-to-work strategy

A successful return to work means maintaining a safe environment for employees. Providing flu shots to your employees lets them know their health and safety are a top priority. We can seamlessly incorporate flu shots as part of a comprehensive return-to-work solution that also includes COVID-19 testing.

2. Simplifies employee access.

On-site clinics help provide a convenient way for employees to get the flu shot at your workplace and minimizes time missed from work.

3. Minimizes sick days and absenteeism.

Planning now will help protect your company’s bottom line and keep employees happy and healthy. One study estimated the flu resulted in $16.3 billion in lost earnings over just one flu season.

4. Keeps employees productive during flu season.

By providing avenues to keep employees as healthy as possible, your business won’t experience dips in productivity when workers aren’t at their physical best, and simply not feeling well.

5. Reduces workplace uncertainty.

Some things are unpredictable, but flu vaccinations are a reliable way to protect your employees against the flu. Scheduling now will allow you to have peace of mind heading into the flu season. It’s more important than ever to keep your employees happy and healthy, whether they work on-site or remotely.


Labcorp has over 25 years of experience staffing health events and handling immunizations, supporting thousands of employers and millions of their employees. And with many employers offering a hybrid workforce of on-site and remote employees, our flexible options allow for a program that fits your needs and can be offered in conjunction with COVID-19 testing or biometric screenings.

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