Premier Facilities

Research and Development through Labcorp's Innovative Reference Testing Centers

Throughout its history, Labcorp has been an industry leader in the development and validation of esoteric assays. Within the company's laboratory network are preeminent facilities that house unique labs with singularly experienced scientists and technicians. These include our Center for Esoteric Testing (CET), located at our York Court Campus in Burlington, NC; and our Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology (CMBP) at our RTP Campus in Research Triangle Park, NC.

These laboratories are incubators for innovation and technological advancement where ideas for addressing very specific testing needs are engineered into assays and validated. These same premier facilities also serve as internal reference centers for exquisite and specialized testing, and play a key role in expanding access to new tests into other laboratories within the Labcorp network. In some cases, our more esoteric assays will continue to be performed in the more rarified environment of these Labcorp esoteric testing centers, serving the specialized needs of providers and their patients.

Center for Esoteric Testing

York Court Campus, Burlington, NC

Labcorp’s York Court Campus in Burlington, NC – the largest testing facility within the company’s system – is also home to Labcorp’s Center for Esoteric Testing (CET). The CET provides esoteric testing support for all Labcorp divisions, employing more than 650 people focused on enhancing the patient and custom experience with Labcorp.

The combined operation offers a very broad testing menu at one location, including: Diagnostic Immunology, Esoteric Immunoassay, Allergy, Hemostasis and Thrombosis, the Kidney Stone Management Program, Special Chemistry, Microbiology, and Clinical Toxicology.

The Center for Esoteric Testing is staffed with dedicated individuals – including several members of Labcorp’s scientific leadership – focused on delivering accurate results while optimizing turnaround time and service for a diverse customer base.

Its close proximity to Labcorp’s corporate headquarters allows the CET to tap into additional company resources to help consistently develop new tests, workflow improvements, and enhancements to the supply chain.

Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology

RTP Campus, Research Triangle Park, NC

The RTP campus houses what Labcorp refers to as the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology (CMBP), one of Labcorp’s laboratory incubators for innovation and technological advancement. CMBP was established in 1990 to provide company leadership in the development of molecular diagnostic technologies and applications in the areas of genetics, infectious disease, and oncology. CMBP was the first commercial testing site to offer clinical applications for molecular technologies such as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Applications of molecular technologies have been developed to provide both testing for patient samples as well as to support a variety of clinical trials projects.

The R&D group at CMBP focuses primarily on the development and validation of new assays for various departments throughout Labcorp. Tests are selected based upon client demand and to be competitive in the diagnostic market. Assays are also developed for the Clinical Trials group that provides services to sponsors in the drug and therapeutic industry.

New tests are developed every year in the fields of molecular genetics, molecular oncology, cytogenetics, oncology, biochemical genetics, and infectious disease.

R&D is involved in transitioning existing procedures to automation protocols for increased efficiency and reducing costs and hands-on time for technologists.