Other Services

In addition to diagnostic testing, LabCorp offers supplementary services to improve patient care.

Ambulatory Monitoring Services (AMS) provides the medical community with expertise in ambulatory cardiovascular testing, including Holter monitoring, transtelephonic 12-lead ECG analysis, patient-activated event monitoring, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Covance partners with customers to provide a global network of services for end-to-end drug development and commercialization.

LabCorp is the premier substance abuse testing provider in the US, offering a variety of drug testing services and Web-based applications for employers, third-party administrators, and medical review officers.

LabCorp is a leading provider of histocompatibility (human leukocyte antigen, or HLA) testing for bone marrow, other transplant-related services, and disease association testing. Learn more about:

  • Transplant Screening
  • Transplant Testing
  • Transplant Engraphment Monitoring
  • Disease Association Testing

LabCorp’s Home Health Care offers solutions that enable home health care providers to conveniently collect and ship patient specimens to LabCorp for laboratory testing.

LabCorp’s DNA testing can assist in determining parentage or establishing other family relationships for immigration or adoption purposes. In most cases, DNA samples can be obtained using cotton swabs for pain-free collection.

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