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Two Organizations.    
One Mission.

By connecting Labcorp and Ascension, two mission-driven organizations delivering high-quality service and care, teams are equipped with information and tools to make the best decisions to address healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes.

A strategic collaboration to tackle the biggest healthcare challenges

The partnership allows Ascension to enhance their outreach laboratory business and other offerings by using Labcorp’s scientific expertise, technology and scale in therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology and women’s health. Ascension’s patients and clinician network also have access to Labcorp’s leading diagnostics and portfolio of innovative analytics solutions.

Planning for change

As with all partnerships, Labcorp recognized that any disruption for employees could have a negative impact on providers and, most importantly, patients. Together, HR leaders from Labcorp and Ascension created a thoughtful plan for the transition centered on one guiding principle: Minimize disruption for employees.

“Our partnership was critical from the very beginning. We were aligned in our mission to deliver the best care to Ascension patients while minimizing the disruption for providers and employees.”

Chris Bosler Senior vice president at Labcorp

Preparing for day one: Hiring successes

Healthcare worker shortages and staffing challenges continue to make headlines. Workforce hurdles were named the highest concern for hospital CEOs in the 2022 American College of Healthcare Executives annual survey.1 Executives worried about the shortages of nurses, technicians and other highly trained employees, and they cited rising costs of recruiting and retaining workers.

As Labcorp prepared to begin serving Ascension’s patients and providers, the human resources teams sent offers of employment to nearly 5,000 Ascension associates. This would be the first indication of how the companies’ strategy would perform in the face of daunting headwinds in the labor market.

Ultimately, more than 97% of Ascension associates accepted offers to join Labcorp, significantly higher than the 74% industry average retention rate.2

The Labcorp and Ascension partnership has3:

associate laptop gear icon

Associates onboarded with no management attrition

People in front of globe

Physician accounts converted

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Months earlier than expected conversion of supplies to new system

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Minute faster wait time on average at patient service centers

Patient service center icon

Sites converted

Satisfaction Icon

Increase in patient satisfaction

Testing icon

New lab roles hired

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Leaders successfully trained

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Team members promoted

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Reduction in employee turnover

Building momentum: Recruiting long-term

Energized by the 97% success rate, Labcorp shifted focus to long-term success, which would require three pieces:

Recruiting additional laboratory professionals to fill any gaps

Developing employees and leaders over time

Retaining talent in the face of a competitive labor market

As a leading diagnostics company, Labcorp has significant experience in recruiting some of the most difficult-to-fill positions in laboratory medicine, including cytotechnologists, histotechnologists and phlebotomists. These roles require years of training, making Labcorp’s recruiting and training pipeline a valuable resource for this partnership.

Further, Labcorp looked to develop new team members by providing training, ongoing communication and promoting legacy Ascension associates to fill newly created leadership roles. 

Delivering for patients

In early public financial statements, Ascension reported marked improvements in the efficiency of workforce spend, attributed to ongoing economic improvement plans and lab outsourcing.

Both organizations knew, however, that the true success of the partnership would be measured in the impact on patient care. 

Additional insights

Labcorp and Ascension partnership reduces employee turnover

Ascension transitioned nearly 5,000 laboratory employees to Labcorp while reducing employee turnover by over 30%—and boosting lab performance.

Partnering for our patients: Fireside chat with Sally Deitch of Ascension

Hear what Ascension’s Sally Deitch has to say about the partnership with Labcorp in her fireside chat with Labcorp’s Chris Bosler.

Labcorp enters comprehensive, long-term laboratory relationship with Ascension

The transactions build on Labcorp’s strong track record of establishing health system relationships that foster innovation and create value for patients, clinicians and communities.

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