Order the FIT at-home screening test

The FIT test is recommended as an early screening detection test for adults over 45 years old with an average risk of colorectal cancer. 

This convenient fecal immunochemical test (FIT) kit allows you to collect your sample in the privacy of your home and then send it back to our labs where we look for blood abnormalities. 

Blood in the stool can have multiple possible causes, so a positive result doesn't mean you have colon cancer. But it does mean your doctor will order a follow-up with additional tests, typically a colonoscopy, to learn more. 

spanning the continuum of care

A comprehensive colorectal testing portfolio

Our routine and specialty labs offer comprehensive menu of key tests to help screen, diagnose, monitor and manage colorectal cancer.


  • Fecal occult blood immunoassay
  • Septin 9 gene methylation detection


  • Complex tumor analysis by IHC
  • Comprehensive Lynch syndrome tumor testing


  • Various gene mutation analysis for clinical management and decision-making


  • Cancer antigen 19-9
  • Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)

Genetic Risk Evaluation

  • VisaSeq® hereditary cancer panels
  • Lynch syndrome germline testing