Nontuberculous Slowly-growing Mycobacterium Susceptibility−Broth Dilution

CPT: 87186
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  • M kansasii Susceptibility Testing
  • AFB Susceptibility Testing
  • MOTT Susceptibility Testing
  • Slow-grower Susceptibility Testing

Test Includes

Susceptibility testing for amikacin, ciprofloxacin, clarithromycin, ethambutol, linezolid, streptomycin, and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim


Determine the susceptibility of nontuberculous slowly-growing mycobacterial isolates to a profile of antimycobacterial agents. Interpretive categories for MICs are not yet available due to lack of clinical trial data that would indicate the clinical efficacy.1,2 For the unusual mycobacteria, susceptibility data is often useful as an aid in identification.


Susceptibilities cannot be reported if the organism fails to grow in the test medium. Susceptibilities cannot be performed on mixed cultures. An organism identification is required prior to reporting susceptibility results.

Results of this test are labeled for research purposes only by the assay's manufacturer. The performance characteristics of this assay have not been established by the manufacturer. The result should not be used for treatment or for diagnostic purposes without confirmation of the diagnosis by another medically established diagnostic product or procedure. The performance characteristics were determined by LabCorp.


Sensititre® broth microdilution (MIC)

Additional Information

Failure to take all drugs in a multidrug regimen can lead to a shift toward resistant organisms and treatment failure.3 Susceptibility testing to rifampin is the only drug currently recommended for primary susceptibility testing of M kansasii.2 Isolates susceptible to rifampin are susceptible to rifabutin.

Test results are not intended to be used as the sole means for patient management.

Specimen Requirements


Slowly-growing mycobacteria, not M tuberculosis, isolated from a primary clinical specimen, on a submitted AFB conventional solid medium, or an AFB broth medium


Pure culture isolate on an AFB conventional solid medium or a minimum of 1 mL of AFB broth medium


Conventional or broth medium, tightly sealed, in etiologic agent packaging

Storage Instructions

Maintain media at room temperature.

Causes for Rejection

Specimen received in leaking or in broken transport tube or vial; specimen received in expired transport medium; mixed culture; unlabeled culture or name discrepancy between specimen and request label

Clinical Information


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Order Code Order Code Name Order Loinc Result Code Result Code Name UofM Result LOINC
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 182924 Organism ID 40699-1
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998568 Amikacin 12-5
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998569 Ciprofloxacin 185-9
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998570 Clarithromycin 189-1
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998571 Ethambutol 241-0
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998572 Linezolid 29254-0
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998573 Moxifloxacin 31037-5
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998574 Rifampin 428-3
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998576 Streptomycin 460-6
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 998577 Trimethoprim/Sulfa 516-5
182923 Slow Grower Broth Suscep. 182833 Please note: N/A
Reflex Table for Organism ID
Order Code Order Name Result Code Result Name UofM Result LOINC
Reflex 1 000000 Antimicrobial Susceptibility 000000 Antimicrobial Susceptibility N/A

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