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  • How are the available tests administered?

    Serology Test:

    The serology test is delivered through a fingerstick or venipuncture antibody test. LabCorp Employer Services offers on-site serology testing in addition to off-site testing at LabCorp Patient Service Centers.

    PCR Testing:

    This testing detects for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus via a nasal swab. This test is self-administered by the participant on site and the process is observed by a LabCorp Employer Services healthcare professional.

    COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit

    Pixel by LabCorpTM was the first COVID-19 test home collection kit granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.

  • What is your ability to offer resources to administer the tests to employees?

    Depending on the test, our health care professional staff will either administer the test (fingerstick or venipuncture serology) or observe the self collection (nasal PCR). We also prepare the samples for transportation to a LabCorp testing lab.

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