Getting COVID-19 Test Results


How to Get My COVID-19 Test Result

The COVID-19 test result is available through a Labcorp Patient™ account or from your healthcare provider.

If your healthcare provider or a telemedicine program ordered a COVID-19 test from Labcorp, your result will be delivered directly to a Labcorp Patient™ account as soon as it is available.* You can create an account anytime.

How long does it take to get a result?

For the test to determine if you have COVID-19 (swab test):  The current average time to deliver results for the COVID-19 swab test is 1-3 days from the date of specimen pickup.

For the test to determine if you had COVID-19 (blood/antibody test): Average delivery of result is 1-3 days from the date of specimen pickup.

What if I don’t see my result?

If you do not see your result in your account, complete the COVID-19 Inquiry Form for a status update.

Can I also get my result from my doctor?

Yes. If your doctor or other healthcare provider ordered the test you can also get your result from them. You should contact your healthcare provider directly if you have questions about your test result. COVID-19 test results are reported to public health authorities as required.

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