Webinar: Advancing Your Neurodegenerative Biomarker Strategy Beyond Discovery

8 June 2021

On April 15, we hosted the virtual conference, “Advancing Your Neurodegenerative Biomarker Strategy Beyond Discovery.” For study teams working to develop treatments for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, the need to leverage new techniques quickly and effectively is imperative. This topic is vital, as nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s or related dementia1, and 10 million are living with Parkinson’s Disease2.

As study teams seek to meet the needs of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, an effective biomarker strategy can help accelerate drug development. However, biomarker development has its own complexities, which can add to the already daunting challenges of identifying new medicines for these diseases. 

This conference was designed to help teams understand how to move from discovery to commercialization, and how an effective biomarker strategy facilitates that transition. We want to support organizations in speeding the delivery of new medicines to market, so that patients struggling with neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s will have access to these medicines more quickly.

For those unable to participate in the virtual conference, we offer a link to the conference recording to share sessions led by these expert speakers:

  • The Evolving Role of Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy Development

Mark Mintun, MD, Vice-President of Pain and Neurodegeneration Research and Clinical Development, Eli Lilly and Company

  • Practical Strategies for Implementing an Effective Biomarker Program into Your Clinical Trial and Diagnostic Transition

Katherine Landschulz, PhD, Cardiovascular/ Metabolic Disease Therapeutic Area Lead

  • Alzheimer’s Association Presentation on Alzheimer’s Effect on Patients and Care Providers

Rebecca Edelmayer, PhD, Director of Scientific Engagement, Alzheimer’s Association

  • The Importance of Partnering in Precision Medicine: CDx Development

Mark Roberts, PhD, Senior Director, Diagnostics Development

  • Roche Neuro Toolkit and Clinical Trial Acceleration
    Karolina Jarawka, Global Director Partnering, Personalized Healthcare Solutions, Roche Diagnostics
  • Early Engagement for Effective Commercialization of Your Diagnostic

Joe Volpe, PhD, National Segment Director, Neurology & Emerging Markets, Labcorp

  • Panel – Challenges and Opportunities for Neurodegenerative Therapy Development Incorporating a Biomarker Strategy

Audience Q&A

Conference Highlights

Gain valuable strategic information for your development program:

#1. Get Focused Guidance on Biomarkers for Neurogenerative Diseases

Learn how study teams can incorporate biomarkers into clinical trials:

  • The role biomarkers play in neurodegenerative disease therapy development
  • Practical steps for incorporating a biomarker strategy into your clinical trial protocol
  • Top regulatory considerations for your specific scenarios, and insights on how they may evolve

#2. Obtain Detailed Insights on Optimal Partnership and Technology Strategies

Explore the keys to selecting the optimal platforms, technologies and reagents that deliver the data you need for your program. Learn about guidelines for leveraging strategic partnerships that can help ensure effective drug and diagnostic development.

#3. Receive Proven Strategies from Successful Practitioners

Hear a detailed case study of an organization that successfully employed biomarkers in their clinical trials. Find out about the key strategies that helped fuel their success, and how their commercialization efforts benefitted as well.


If you’re involved with the development of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, this conference recording offers practical insights that can benefit your business. View the webinar to maximize the power of biomarkers in your clinical trials and speed the commercialization of new treatments and medicines that the world so desperately needs.