Semen Analysis, Basic

CPT: 89320
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Special Instructions

This test is not available at all locations. Contact the laboratory prior to specimen collection. This procedure must be scheduled with the laboratory performing the test. The patient should have between two and seven days of sexual abstinence before producing the specimen. This test requires a fresh specimen; therefore, this procedure is available only at sperm testing facilities.

Expected Turnaround Time

4 - 6 days

Related Information

Specimen Requirements




Entire ejaculate

Minimum Volume

Approximately 0.5 mL


Sterile screw-cap container


See Patient Instructions for Semen Collection.

Storage Instructions

Testing must begin within 60 minutes of specimen production. In the interim, the specimen should be kept at room temperature, but it is recommended that it be kept close to the body (inside a shirt or coat) to avoid temperature extremes during transport.

Stability Requirements



Room temperature

1 hour; keep sample close to body (inside shirt or coat) to avoid temperature extremes during transport. (stability provided by manufacturer or literature reference)


Unstable (stability provided by manufacturer or literature reference)


Unstable (stability provided by manufacturer or literature reference)

Freeze/thaw cycles

Unstable (stability provided by manufacturer or literature reference)

Patient Preparation

Patient should abstain from sexual activity for two to seven days prior to specimen collection.

Causes for Rejection

Specimens older than one hour; insufficient sperm (may prevent adequate estimate of percent normal morphology)

Test Details


Diagnose male factor infertility, including oligozoöspermia, azoöspermia, asthenozoöspermia, and teratozoöspermia


Manual macroscopic and microscopic examination of semen


World Health Organization. WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen. 5th ed. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2010.


Order Code Order Code Name Order Loinc Result Code Result Code Name UofM Result LOINC
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519087 Time Collected 13358-7
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519088 Time Received 63572-2
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519174 Time Since Last Emission days 10587-4
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519089 Appearance 13359-5
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519090 Liquefaction 10580-9
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519091 Viscosity 32789-0
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519092 Volume mL 3160-9
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519093 pH 2752-4
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519103 Concentration, Sperm x10E6/mL 9780-8
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519104 Total Sperm in Ejaculate x10E6 72517-6
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519105 Total Motility (PR+NP) % 6800-7
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519106 Progressive Motility (PR) % 14194-5
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519167 Non-Progressive (NP) % 10620-3
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519084 Immotile Sperm % 10611-2
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519107 Total Motile Sperm x10E6 71387-5
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519147 Progressively Motile Sperm x10E6 81319-6
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519149 Normal Morphology-Strict % 10622-9
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519161 Leukocyte Concentration x10E6/mL 10579-1
519114 Semen Analysis, Basic 519163 Comments: 77202-0
Reflex Table for Total Motility (PR+NP)
Order Code Order Name Result Code Result Name UofM Result LOINC
Reflex 1 519170 Viability 519170 Viability % 10613-8

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