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CPT: 88300; 88302; 88304; 88305; 88307; 88309; 88311; 88312; 88313; 88314; 88319; 88321; 88323; 88325; 88342 (CPT codes are assigned by the pathologist when the case is complete; the codes listed here [in combination and with the appropriate multipliers] are most commonly used for histopathology.)
Updated on 01/29/2020
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  • Biopsy
  • Gross and Microscopic Pathology
  • Microscopic Section
  • Pathologic Examination
  • Pathology
  • Skin Lesion(s) Tissue Examination
  • Surgical Pathology
  • Tissue Pathology

Test Includes

Gross examination only and/or gross and microscopic examination and diagnosis

Gross examination only and/or gross and microscopic examination and diagnosis

Special Instructions

Test request form must state operative diagnosis and source of specimen.

LabCorp test number is for tracking purposes only. Additional test numbers may be entered upon receipt of specimen(s) at the test facility.

Expected Turnaround Time

Within 1 day

Specimen Requirements




Entire specimen; paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue block(s) or slide(s) sectioned from FFPE tissue block(s) at 4-5 microns


Jars of assorted size containing 10% buffered formalin


Small biopsy specimens are to be placed immediately in 10% formalin solution. Use approximately 10 to 20 times as much formalin solution as the bulk of the tissue. Small tissues such as those from bronchoscopic biopsy, bladder biopsy, and endometrium can be compromised in a short time by placing in saline or allowing to dry. The following tissues should always be placed in formalin: small skin tumors and moles; uterine curettings; cervical biopsy; breast biopsy; prostate tissue from transurethral resection (TUR); bladder tumors and calculi; nerves and ganglia; rectal polyps; ear, nose, and throat (ENT) biopsy; lymph nodes (except those to be cultured); bone tumors; intervertebral disc; gallbladder; liver biopsy; bronchoscopic biopsy; fallopian tube segments; and any biopsy from any other site not listed. Organ and larger tissue resections are to be placed in larger containers and covered with adequate amounts of formalin. Specimens such as colons, urinary bladders, and uteri require opening to expose the mucosal surfaces to formalin. Gallbladders undergo rapid degeneration; therefore, they require immediate fixation in 10% formalin solution; an incision made in the gallbladder will aid in more rapid fixation. All specimens should be sent to the pathology department as soon as convenient to expedite the processing that leads to the eventual microscopic diagnosis.

Storage Instructions

Fix in 10% buffered formalin solution.

Causes for Rejection

Lack of medical history; improper labeling; unlabeled specimen; no surgical specimen request form

Test Details


Histologic diagnosis


See individual test components.


Order Code Order Code Name Order Loinc Result Code Result Code Name UofM Result LOINC
500918 Pathology Report 500920 . 22633-2
500918 Pathology Report 500943 . 52797-8
500918 Pathology Report 503951 . 52797-8
500918 Pathology Report 500922 . 22636-5
500918 Pathology Report 500923 . 22636-5
500918 Pathology Report 500937 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500934 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500924 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500942 . 73703-1
500918 Pathology Report 500927 . 22637-3
500918 Pathology Report 500928 . 22638-1
500918 Pathology Report 500925 . 22639-9
500918 Pathology Report 500938 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500929 . 19139-5
500918 Pathology Report 500930 . 22634-0
500918 Pathology Report 500931 . 22635-7
500918 Pathology Report 500932 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500935 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500933 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500936 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 502219 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 191144 QA comment: N/A
500918 Pathology Report 500940 . 52797-8
500918 Pathology Report 503952 . 52797-8
500918 Pathology Report 500941 . 49560-6
500918 Pathology Report 503910 Previous history: 11329-0
500918 Pathology Report 501980 Photomicrograph N/A
500918 Pathology Report 019043 PDF N/A
500918 Pathology Report 019030 . N/A
500918 Pathology Report 019031 Patient Counseling Report N/A

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