Allergen Profile, Mugwort Pollen-related

CPT: 86003(x4)
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Test Includes

Apple; celery; kiwi; mugwort pollen


Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP®

Additional Information

The oral allergy syndrome (OAS), also referred to as the pollen-food allergy syndrome,1 is a unique form of food allergy characterized by a localized reaction of the mouth and throat that occurs when affected individuals eat certain fresh fruits and vegetables.2 Patients with allergy to mugwort pollen will also often have allergies to one or more food allergens including celery, apple, and kiwi. Individuals with OAS experience contact urticaria (itching and hives) that is confined almost exclusively to the mouth and throat upon ingestion of the triggering food. This condition only rarely affects other target organs.2 Characteristic symptoms of OAS include itching of the lips, palate, tongue, and throat.2 OAS is a self-limiting condition with symptoms that occur immediately on contact with foods and typically resolve rapidly. It is important to differentiate these symptoms from systemic and life-threatening allergic throat constricting reactions that can occur during anaphylaxis. It is interesting to note that individuals with OAS to certain food groups frequently suffer from allergy to related nonfood allergens. Allergy to certain nonfood allergens (such as pollens) appears to predispose individuals for the development of associated food allergy.2

Specimen Requirements




1 mL


One 8.5 mL red-top tube or one 8.5 mL gel-barrier tube

Storage Instructions

Room temperature

Causes for Rejection

Recently administered isotopes; improper labeling; gross hemolysis

Clinical Information


1. Sampson HA. Food Allergy−Accurately Identifying Clinical Reactivity. Allergy. 2005; 60(Suppl 79):19-24. 15842229
2. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. The Allergy Report. Milwaukee, Wis: AAAAI; 2000.


Order Code Order Code Name Order Loinc Result Code Result Code Name UofM Result LOINC
672478 Allergen Profile, Mugwort Plus 602444 Class Description N/A
672478 Allergen Profile, Mugwort Plus 602531 W006-IgE Mugwort kU/L 6183-8
672478 Allergen Profile, Mugwort Plus 602724 F049-IgE Apple kU/L 6021-0
672478 Allergen Profile, Mugwort Plus 602734 F084-IgE Kiwi Fruit kU/L 6154-9
672478 Allergen Profile, Mugwort Plus 602735 F085-IgE Celery kU/L 6065-7

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