snapClinical® team launches eSource module to revolutionize at-home care for Labcorp Drug Development Mobile Clinical Services

1 September 2022

This is a special edition of the Labcorp Drug Development Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) blog.

Labcorp Drug Development Mobile Clinical Services (MCS) team has now completed the first global visit utilizing the eSource module of the proprietary Labcorp DCT platform, snapClinical.  This module represents a cross-functional effort to develop a solution digitizing the at-home trial service workflow. Namely, the module seeks to accelerate requesting and assigning country-level resources, facilitate visit completion with a native application to accelerate data availability and ultimately decrease manual processes when leveraging at-home clinical services such as nursing and biological specimen collection. By leveraging an all-in-one DCT platform combining eSource with eConsent, ePRO and telemedicine, Labcorp DCTs are able to provide solutions tailored to the needs of patient populations; investigators and sites are also able to access and review data from a single access point. This new module embodies the “built-in, not bolted-on” approach that Labcorp DCTs have pioneered.

DCTs have shown us that technology is only as strong as its ability to assimilate into clinical workflows. Notably, adoption is driven by the technology’s capacity to decrease the ever-increasing burden on those facilitating clinical trials. With the launch of snapClinical eSource, Labcorp has leveraged decades of home health and technical expertise to create a differentiated solution that streamlines the execution of home health visits. Requests, assignments and visit completions are enabled in seconds with complete audit trails to log activities—a stark contrast from the paper process of previous generations that introduced unnecessary risk and consumed hours to days of additional time to complete.

Labcorp DCTs: High-touch care through high-tech delivery

The MCS and snapClinical teams collaboratively developed the eSource module, with both teams mutually aligned toward removing paper and manual processes from the home health workflow. The teams worked collectively toward a goal of facilitating the entire home health continuum, from requesting and scheduling resources at the country level through data availability in the snapClinical platform within seconds after the visit completion—all via an end-to-end eSource solution that leverages technology to drive efficiency and actionable insights for sites and sponsors through real-time data from remote visits.

Additionally, the querying function in the eSource module enhances the accuracy and quality of data by removing inaccurate or incorrect values before they are put into the trial system of record. These features help facilitate stronger oversight from investigators, as patient profiles in snapClinical contain timely data to proactively monitor safety and risk—without introducing additional steps to their core processes. Increasing oversight and decreasing risk assists in retaining patients who are vital in bringing lifesaving therapies to market.

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