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Profile Policy

LabCorp’s policy is to provide physicians, in each instance, with the flexibility to choose appropriate tests for the individual patient, including the convenience of ordering test combinations/profiles. This flexibility does not distance physicians from making deliberate decisions regarding which tests are medically necessary. In addition, the physician should only order those tests that he or she believes are medically necessary for each patient, and a lesser inclusive profile or individual tests should be ordered if not all tests in the test combination/profile are medically necessary.

All tests offered in test combinations/profiles may be ordered separately using the LabCorp test request form or LabCorp Link. LabCorp encourages clients to contact their local LabCorp representative or LabCorp location if the testing configurations shown here do not meet individual needs for any reason, or if some other combination of procedures is needed.

In an effort to keep our clients fully informed of the content, charges, and CPT codes included in its test combinations/profiles when billed to Medicare or other third-party payers, LabCorp periodically sends notices concerning customized chemistry test combinations/profiles.

Investigational Procedures

Some of the individual tests and profile test components listed in this Directory may be considered by Medicare or other insurance carriers as investigational procedures, and therefore, the test may not be payable by the carrier as a covered benefit for the patient. Medicare patients must be informed of this possibility when the physician orders tests that may fall into this category. Affected patients must be asked to sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice, agreeing to be financially responsible if the service is denied by the carrier. Additionally, for other insurance plans, physicians should inform the patient that the service(s) may not be covered by their private insurance plan and, if so, they will be financially responsible for payment. If the patient declines to accept financial responsibility, please do not order the test(s).

As with all clinical assays, results of these tests should be used only in conjunction with other medically established diagnostic elements (eg, symptoms, history, clinical impressions, results from other tests, etc). Physicians should use all the information available to them to diagnose and determine appropriate treatment for their patients. In order to obtain a current list of the procedures that may be considered investigational by Medicare or other insurance carriers, please contact your local LabCorp representative.

Note: Entries for tests that are new to this edition of the Directory of Services and Interpretive Guide are printed in blue.


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