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Transport or Apparent Specimen Received

Incorrect Test Requested or Written Request

Default Action (Change)

Formalin vial only

Ova and Parasites Examination − 008623

180851 − Ova and Parasites Examination, Formalin Only

PVA vial only

Ova and Parasites Examination − 008623

180844 − Ova and Parasites Examination, PVA Only

Ova and parasites transport

No test requested

008623 − Ova and Parasites Examination

Stool received in ova and parasites transport

Parasite identification or 008219

008623 − Ova and Parasites Examination

Ova and parasites transport


182204 Giardia lamblia, Direct Detection EIA

Three ova and parasites specimens

One request form with only one Ova and Parasites Examination test (008623) indicated

008623 (x3) (three accession numbers) − Ova and Parasites Examination

InPouch™ TV

Wet Prep

180901 − Wet Prep

InPouch™ TV

No test requested or Trichomonas or Trich

180919 − Wet Prep With Reflex to Trichomonas Culture

Frozen Gel Packs. To ensure specimen integrity during warm weather, follow these Instructions for Use of frozen gel packs and specimen lockboxes.


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