Joe Volpe

Joseph M. Volpe, PhD

Discipline Director, Clinical Neuroscience, Labcorp
Phone Number: 650-892-3336
Email: [email protected]

Dr Volpe graduated from Duke University in 2008 with PhD in computational biology and bioinformatics, with a concentration in immunology. His research involved developing a software algorithm to decipher the germline origins of human immunoglobulin and T-cell receptors and then using that software to analyze large data sets of human antibodies to understand their diversity. He received the American Association of Immunologists-Huang Foundation Young Investigator Award in 2007 for his work in anti-HIV antibody composition. Upon graduating, Dr Volpe worked as a Medical Science Liaison at Monogram Biosciences where he [node:field_content_sections] [node:summary]covered the Southeast and Midwest territories. In early 2016, he became the Director of Scientific Outreach, helping to build the Medical Science Liaison team for Labcorp.

In early 2018, Dr Volpe began putting together the pieces of what would become Labcorp’s Partners in Clinical Neuroscience program and he is now the National Segment Director for that program. He is an author on seven peer-reviewed articles and eight conference posters. In 2011, he was a Labcorp Chairman’s Award winner and was also the Monogram Biosciences MVP awardee.

Outside of work, Dr Volpe enjoys cooking Italian food, working out, and playing piano. He also writes and records piano music and has an album on iTunes.

Teams: Discipline Director
Specialties: Clinical Neuroscience