Program management services are now offered as part of Labcorp’s Preclinical Oncology Services

8 March 2023

When it comes to discoveries in oncology, cancer patients can’t wait, which means neither can you. At Labcorp Preclinical Oncology, we understand there are many steps, phases and regulations to wade through to get to a lead drug candidate—all while time is of the utmost importance.

We are excited to announce we are now offering program management as part of our preclinical oncology service offerings. A certified project manager (CPM) will work closely with you to understand the needs of your program, ensure timelines and logistics are met, maintain continuity between teams, and manage and mitigate risks that may affect your project. Regular meetings can be scheduled at the client’s convenience to keep an open line of communication. Study tracking documents, meeting notes, Gantt charts and other requested documents are maintained on a regular basis and shared with the client.

Our program management services feature:


Your CPM will stay up to date on your incoming data to help guide you in decisions moving forward and drive your program seamlessly in the right direction. Our overall goal is to get your test agent into clinical trials as soon as possible and our clients agree that CPMs make a difference:

Our Program Manager provides constant support and scientific guidance for all of our studies and is always available to help. We are on extremely tight timelines and our Program Manager coordinates everything to make sure all of these are meet. -Biotech Client, Senior Director

Personalized services offered include:

Status report

Your CPM provides an updated status report in real time as data rolls in. This essential document identifies and tracks deliverables, details study milestones and clarifies the responsibilities within the Labcorp team.


The status report is shared with the client on a regular basis to provide a clear line of sight into where each project sits. Status reports are tailored to each client’s program and needs.

Gantt charts

Gantt charts are an effective tool to help you visualize your program from start to finish. They help both you and your CPM with planning and streamlining various studies and milestones within a program. Like all other aspects of program management, Gantt charts can be customized to each program and your needs.


Regularly scheduled meetings

You have the option for regularly scheduled meetings at your desired frequency to check on current projects, discuss incoming data, and collaborate on future studies and next steps. Meetings include the CPM, scientific development leaders and business development leaders to ensure everyone is on the same page. Meetings can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as you see fit, though we typically recommend a weekly or biweekly cadence. These check-ins are a great way to get guidance from the entire team on where things currently stand and the next steps needed to keep your agent moving toward the clinic. The CPM can share meeting notes with the entire team to outline important action items and manage follow-up.


Risk Management

A certain level of risk is involved with any project. Our CPMs have been specially trained in identifying and mitigating risks that may affect study outcomes or overall timelines. Our scientists and their many years of experience within the preclinical oncology field aid in uncovering these risks and developing strategies to avoid them. The CPM maintains an internal risk register to keep track of potential hurdles in your projects, the probability such events occurring and steps needed to reduce risks. Risks are discussed with the client at meetings or on an as-needed basis and strategies are put in place to reduce or avoid delays or study issues.

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orking with Labcorp Drug Development for your oncology discovery programs just got better with the addition of program management. Enjoy a real relationship that will guide you through your program to ease your stress, keep your project on the right course and enable you to get further faster.

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