Philip R. Wyatt, MD, PhD

Discipline Director, Biochemical Genetics, Labcorp

Dr Wyatt earned a PhD in human anatomy and human genetics from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, and a medical degree from the University of Kentucky. Before joining Integrated Genetics (formerly Genzyme Genetics), a member of the Labcorp Specialty Testing Group, in 2007, he had a lengthy career at North York General Hospital’s Regional Center in Toronto, Canada, ultimately serving as chief of the Department of Genetics and medical director of the genetics program. He also served as genetics section head for the Ontario Medical Association.

At Integrated Genetics, Dr Wyatt supervises all laboratory services, including biochemistry, cytogenetics, FISH, microarray, and noninvasive prenatal testing, for the entire Integrated Genetics Santa Fe laboratory site.

Dr Wyatt is a fellow of the Human Biology Council and a member of the American Society of Human Genetics, the Association of Genetic Counselors of Ontario, the College of American Pathologists Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Committee, the European Society of Human Genetics, the Association for Molecular Pathology, the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, and the Medical Screening Society.