Our Experts

Labcorp employs a large scientific staff that includes MDs and PhDs available for testing support and consultation.

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Discipline Director, Molecular Oncology, Labcorp
Philip Wyatt
Discipline Director, Biochemical Genetics, Labcorp
Pratistha Ranjitkar, PhD, DABCC
Discipline Director, Routine Chemistry, Labcorp
Randolph Young
Discipline Director, Quality Control and Special…
Renee M. Sullivan, MD, FACC
Senior Medical Director, Science and Technology;…
Rita Stainback
Discipline Director, Routine Microbiology, Labcorp
Russell Philip Grant
Strategic Director and National Director of Mass…
Ruth Heim
Discipline Director, Molecular Genetics and…
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Laboratory Director
Samia Nidal Naccache, PhD
Discipline Director, Routine Microbiology;…
Sanjai Nagendra
Medical Director of Center for Esoteric Testing,…
Sean Farrier
Vice President of Pathology Services, Labcorp;…